(Basic Hourly charge for the boat and captain is $100/hr. under way and 35/hr. standby.)
  1. 2 Hour or Half Day Slow Cruise
    Gambling never been recently and so exhilarating like wolf gold slot. Just simply during first minutes and also in some clicks and you are therefore witout a doubt presently there, within the industry of straightforward funds and enjoyable! Go for a 2 hour or half day slow cruise through the wasp islands/Deer Harbor/ Westsound areas. Also including Skull Island (named because of the skulls and bones that were found there after a band of Lummi were killed by reading Haida in 1858) and Massacre Bay.
    Cost: $200 for two hours of cruising these areas

  2. The Nature Lover
    For the nature lover, included in the Wasp Island is Yellow Island, an 11 acre nature preserve featuring over 50 species of wildflowers, many species of birds, mink, river otters and seals, etc. There are well kept trails on Yellow Island, but no food is allowed, there are no bathrooms, smoking is not allowed, and there are no picnics allowed. Access is by small beachable craft or kayak.
    Cost: Basic charge to get there and back is $200. If you go ashore it is $35/hr standby.

  3. San Juan Island Lunch
    Go from Orcas Landing to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island for lunch and shopping or tour the famous whale museum –
    Cost: $200 round trip with a $35/hr standby charge.

  4. UW Ocean Laboratories
    Take a possible tour of the University of Washington Ocean Laboratories and learn about the changing sea. Warming waters are causing some organisms to be more abundant, while undermining others’ abilities to fight diseases. There is no place like the UW’s Friday Harbor Laboratories for scientists to explore these changing conditions.
    Cost: Call for a price

  5. Jones Island Lunch
    Take your lunch and snacks for a day trip to one of the beautiful state parks. Jones Island, a 188 acre marine camping park with 25,000 feet of saltwater shoreline. The park features a beautiful loop trail down the center of the island, then around the western shore….
    Cost: $200 Round trip with $35/hr standby charge.

  6. Jones Island Camping
    Take your gear and food for a camping trip to one of the local state park islands (such as Jones Island). We take you there and pick you up the next day.
    Cost: $400 if no additional standby.

  7. Famous Tour of Rosario/Moran Mansion
    We take you by water to the famous Rosario Resort for lunch and/or a tour of the famous Moran Mansion originally developed and built by Seattle ship builder and mayor of Seattle as his retirement residence. Moran purchased over 7000 acres on Orcas Island and completed the construction on his famous arts and crafts style mansion in 1909.
    Cost: $200 round trip….$35/hr standby.

  8. Lopez Island Bike
    We take you to Lopez Island (bike friendly) for a lunch and shopping in Fisherman Bay Village. Lopez is especially friendly to biking and features the most public beaches of all the islands.
    Cost: $200 Round trip – $35/hr standby. Or, if you stay over….$400.

  9. Your Own Trip
    Design your own boat trip for your desired duration.
    Cost: $125/hr.

  10. Freestyle Water Sports
    Spend an afternoon water skiing or wakeboarding on West Sound for learners or experts.
    Cost: Call for a price.

Other Amenities from West Sound Water Sports
  1. Relax in a fully appointed 36′ trailer with complete with all utilities and cooking facilities.
    Cost: $90 per night

  2. Stay in a primitive Sleeping cabin that has a barbeque, fire pit, utensils.
    Cost: $45 per night

  3. Stay in your own tent on a primitive campsite with a firepit, barbeque and basic utensils.
    Cost: $25 per night.

  4. Let us organize a personal tour of Orcas including bicycle routes, or artist galleries, restaurants or any combination.
    Cost: Call for a price…

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